Apr 232010
I’ve just starting to look at the Amelia Peabody series at Barnes & Noble due to a post I read on The Laughter of Dead King (Vicky Bliss Series) from Reading Adventures. (Excellent Post by the way – as I logged right into my B&N account and ordered the first two books in the Amelia Peabody series!)
Wonderful news! Now that I’ve bought the first two books, of course! To celebrate the release of A River in the Sky (Amelia Peabody Series #19) Barnes & Noble is offereing two of the Amelia Peabody books at 1.99 each.
The Curse of the Pharaohs
(Amelia Peabody Series #1)
Seeing a Large Cat
(Amelia Peabody Series #9)
Go Get ’em!

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  4 Responses to “Elizabeth Peters anyone?”

  1. Great blog site.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries

  2. Thanks so much, Kelly! It's been a productive week. (Well, especially today)
    Stop by & visit again.

  3. I really have enjoyed the Amelia Peabody books I have read. I haven't read any for quite a while though. I have been on a romance book binge for the past several years…before that I was reading mostly mysteries/thrillers for even more years. Anyway, I really love the historical mystery aspect and Amelia is a great character. I think you will enjoy them. Great price on those books too, can you get the 3rd and 4th at those prices? I might have to go look. I need to read #7 on up (The Snake, The Crocodile and The Dog).

  4. Thanks, Christina!
    The B&N prices were good but I only saw those two with that price. I just couldn't pass up getting the one I didn't have yet.

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