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Every Breath You Take

Kate Donovan is devastated at the death of her father. So when mere days after he’s died her boyfriend of the last four years suggests that a trip to Anguilla will help cure the headaches she can’t seem to conquer she agrees. Little does Kate know that he’s going to be called back to Chicago the very day they arrive. She accepts his offer to stay and relax a bit.

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She has a relaxing few days until she meets the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen – Mitchell Wyatt. Shockingly Kate falls head over heals for him and allows him to make her believe in fairy tails again. When her boyfriend returns to the island Kate has decided that she’ll leave him for Mitchell…

Mitchell has never fallen for anyone but he’s perilously close with Kate, then she doesn’t show up after she was supposed to meet him. He rushes off the island to defend himself against the mounting murder charges in this brother’s death. When next he runs into her two weeks later she has her boyfriend’s engagement ring on her finger. How could he have been so wrong about her?

Now she’s begging him for help. Will he step up or walk away?

I read this book quite a while ago and enjoyed it immensely. However, this time – not so much. It was really slow. The romance was sweet but again I was three quarters of the way through the book before I was interested enough to stop putting it down and walking away. I actually chose socializing at soccer instead of burring myself in my book. I’m not saying it’s a bad book – it’s got a great plot (sometimes it seems like a lot of different stories smooshed together), the character development is the best (well, for Kate, her boyfriend, and Mitchell you know all about them how they think and why), the scenes are terrific (you really feel as if you’re actually there).

So all in all, great book read it – just don’t invest in it.

Rating: B
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2 thoughts on “Every Breath You Take

  1. Oh man, I've read this book a few times and I've enjoyed it. That's too bad you didn't enjoy it as much as you did the first time around.

    I love JM though, she's an auto buy author for me..well, she was when she was actively putting out books.

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