Keri Daniels has worked really hard to move up the journalism ranks, but now with the promise of a promotion to editor in the wings she’s been asked to do something no woman should ever be asked to do – interview a man whose heart she destroyed.

Luckily, Joe, now a best selling author, hasn’t left their little home town so he’s pretty easy to find – when he wants to be found. And Joe, hearing through the town’s grapevine that Keri is looking for him decides he wants to be found – well, not really, he actually just decides to see if she’s still self centered – has his people call and invite Keri to meet him for dinner.

After dinner – a dinner remembering their old times in his Granada – he hands her a slip of paper. If she, joins he and his family on their annual vacation she may ask him one question each day – provided she follows the rules. Since she doesn’t have a choice, Keri agrees.

I’m lucky this books was only ~200 pages because once I picked it up I just could not put it down – and it has been years since I sat up all night reading a book for that reason!

This book made me laugh do very hard. After reading the first couple pages of Keri’s boss forcing her to do the story on Joe I thought, ‘Oh, no, not another one of these books’ but I pleasantly surprised. I think my favorite part about the book was the family vacation. It was so true to life! I know just how it is to go on vacation – camping, no less – with the ‘family’ and the things they said, the things they did, and their relationships with each other were all homey.

It’s not your typical romance where all you get are the main characters. There are also plenty of other things going on. Keri & Joe’s twin sister were, a very long time ago, the best of friends. Now, they can’t even stay in the same room together – boy, can Terry hold a grudge. There are also problems going around – Terry husband just left her, one of his brother’s just got divorced, another is thinking of the pros & cons of having more children. It’s really great that each person was given a personality & a part of the story – that aspect alone made this worth reading.

My only issue – the language. It’s funny, though many of the books I read are related to, umm consummating the relationship, I generally don’t read books that are explicit (when I get caught in those I just skip a few paragraphs). This book was fine on that front – mostly they just talked about how uncomfortable they were that they weren’t consummating. However, though I have three brothers and know that they talk to each like the brothers did in the book, I still don’t want to hear it – well, read it. But, if you have no problem with that – you’re good. 

Absolutely read this book!! It’s one of those romances you’re going to want to read again! 

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Borrow
Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey was released on June 7, 2010 and is available at:

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  1. Everyone has been giving good reviews on this book! I need to get my hand on it! I'm glad you enjoyed it, Gina 🙂

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