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Exposure, Brandilyn Collins

Fear. Everyone lives with it. Day after day. You don’t realize it’s coming. He sneaks up on you. Paralyzes you. Everything is fine one moment and the next you can’t breathe, your crest is so tight you can barely function, thinking has gone out the window…
Kaycee has lived her life with fear. She learned exactly how to do it by watching her mother. Her mother constantly watched over her shoulder, she moved them frequently, she never allowed Kaycee to get to close to anyone.

When Kaycee’s mom dies Kaycee settles down and starts to make a life. She spends her time writing a column about how to overcome your fears. Should Kaycee really be helping other with their fears? A year ago her best friend – whose worst fear was to die young – died of a brain tumor leaving her husband and young daughter, Hannah, behind.

The story begins, one evening when Kaycee is visiting Hannah. Hannah spends their time together crying, begging Kaycee to let Hannah live with her, and angry that her father married mere months after burying her mom. Kaycee leaves emotionally wiped and feeling guilty for not bringing Hannah with her. She gets home, walks into a kitchen, and hears a click. There’s a camera on the counter. Wait a minute – that’s not Kaycee’s camera. She picks it up and views the last picture – yes, it did take a picture of her. She flips back one more… it’s a picture of a dead guy with bullet holes in his head and a note that reads, ‘We see you’. Oh, no. Kaycee’s worst fear is now stalking her…

This is a good book. There are moments of suspense but it generally centers on Kaycee dealing with her fears. Learning how to work through and overcome them. There are general references to God but it wasn’t a significant theme in the book. This is a book that is a good read but I probably won’t read it again. My advise? Get from the library – don’t rush out to buy it!

Rating: B

I did download this book for free from Barnes & Noble – if you watch their free book ‘rack’ you can occasionally get some pretty good books for free.

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2 thoughts on “Exposure, Brandilyn Collins

  1. It wasn't a bad book. I actually was surprised I didn't enjoy it more – it had all of the elements I love in a book. She even flips between two different stories which I find fascinating. I wasn't even halfway through though when CJ asked what it was about and I told him how it would end. Maybe that's why I didn't get the warm & fuzzies… Let me know if you enjoy it better than I did!

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