f | Echo Pilot (p. 1): “More government?

For those who want more government, here is something to think about. When government creates government jobs, we must remember they are not jobs that create or generate money. Every time the government creates another government agency it must have an equitable response in the private sector.

Let me explain. Since government jobs are solely dependent upon jobs in the private sector for income as a result of taxation, then every time government creates a job within itself then there must be a creation of multiple jobs in the private sector to support it. Herein lies the problem. When government is creating jobs within itself outpacing the growth of employment in the private sector, you then have the inevitable of raising taxes on everyone. Government then becomes larger and the people become financially oppressed, economic growth comes to a standstill, government portrays itself as the answer when in fact they are the problem. Kind of seems like a ‘no brainer’ doesn’t it? Of course, you and me, we are not in Washington!

Reuben Egolf

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