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Fall Into Reading: Challenge Question 10

This week the challenge question posted by Callapidder Days is:

Do you have multiple books going at once? Or do you prefer to stick to one book at a time?

I generally only read one book at a time, with a few exceptions.
1- I always am in the midst of a book with Bug and another with Zany.
2- I read for work. So occasionally I may be reading a work book and a pleasure book simultaneously.
3- When I’m not enjoying a book – for whatever reason – I will put it aside and pick it up again. However, that book doesn’t get put on the shelf until I’ve given up on it, I just put it on the coffee table to remind me the ‘I’m reading it’.

What about you?

How are you doing with your challenge? I’ve read 22 of the books I had chosen and still have 23 remaining. I’d have probably read more but I’d forgotten to include some other books I’d promised to read. I really need to become much more organized!! I’m working on that, though. I’ve starting keeping a spreadsheet on the books I offer to review. How do you track your TBR list?

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5 thoughts on “Fall Into Reading: Challenge Question 10

  1. I can only read one book at a time. Think I would confuse characters, subplots, etc etc.
    Wow !! WTG!! 17 books..fantastic. I completed the challange but only signed up for 10.
    Have a great Tuesday!!!

  2. I only read one book at a time, but sometimes listen to a book on audio when my eyes are tired or just don't feel like reading for an hour or two. But, I don't get them confused, I think reading one and listening to one our brain can keep them separated some how.

    I completed my challenge yesterday. I only signed up to read 19 and listen to 1. I guess that was 20 books in all.

  3. I definitely have a tendency to pick up and put down books to read again later. I also like to pick a little "Top 3 or 4" books to read soon and all sit on my nightstand until I've finished them or changed my mind. 🙂

  4. I typically read one book at a time, but am usually always thinking of what I'll pick up next.

    I keep track of my TBR on Shelfari. 🙂

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