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Fall Into Reading: Challenge Question 2

Every Tuesday this fall Callapidder Days is posting a challenge question to help us learn more about the other participants in the challenge.

What do you think about e-books? Do you engage in e-reading or do you prefer to stick to good ol’ physical books?

I love eBooks!!
But most of you know that. I love that I can carry all of my favorites with me. I love that there are so many freebies. I don’t mind the eBook library experience though it did take a bit to get the process through my head. I love that my hands don’t ache while I’m holding it.
Now, what I don’t like. It irks me that I can’t share. Especially with my in-laws, we girls pass books around like you wouldn’t believe and now they can’t read what I read unless they buy it as well. It frustrates me that conceptually ‘the last couple of pages’ is much harder to determine.

What about you?

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