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Fall Into Reading: Challenge Question 3

I know, I know. No teaser today… Sorry, it really was a long weekend and I’m still recooperating. CJ had a game on Friday, Bug had 3 mini & 1 full length game on Saturday, and 5 full length games Sunday. And I’m more tired than he is. However, I do believe that I have just enough capacity left to discuss this week’s FIR Challenge Question… maybe…

Every Tuesday this fall Callapidder Days is posting a challenge question to help us learn more about the other participants in the challenge.

Do you eat/drink while reading?
If so, do you have some favorite reading snacks?

This one is difficult. I guess I’d have to say I really don’t have anything specific that I enjoy eating or drinking while reading. I eat and drink while reading but usually just because I can’t or don’t have to put the book down.
I love coffee in the morning, tea in the evening, and I’m always up for chocolate and chips but those things really have more to do with the weather.
In the winter I love to cuddle up in front of the bay window and read with a steaming cup in my hand. In the summer I love to sit in a lawn chair in the afternoon sun with something icy cold. Either way we always have veggies and or fruit on standby for snacking because we’re always running so I gravitate towards those when I can’t put a book down and I have the munchies.

What about you?

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7 thoughts on “Fall Into Reading: Challenge Question 3

  1. Ha! I have one child who almost always picks healthy before junk. The other two – not so much. So I cater to the healthy one. I prefer knowing that if the others want something that actually have to either dig for it or make it…

  2. Ok Ok I'm adding fruit and vegetables to my snack tray for reading. I try to just drink coffee or tea but if a snack is needed it's fruit or veggies from now on. ๐Ÿ™‚ Usually, if I get a few minutes to read, I'm turning pages as fast as I can…like the book I'm reading now called "Rain Dance" by author Joy DeKok. So far, it's story about two women who become friends. This is a must read for anyone who has struggled with infertility or has gone through an abortion.

  3. You're so good to be munching on fruits and veggies. I'll have to pick those up at the store – way better than munching on potato chips.

    P.S. love your blog! quickly adding it to my follow list!

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