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Fall Into Reading: Challenge Question

Every Tuesday this fall Callapidder Days is posting a challenge question to help us learn more about the other participants in the challenge.

This wee’s question is:

What do you think is the biggest obstacle to your reading? What prevents you from reading as much as you’d like?

Well, my biggest obstacle to overcome is that it’s really difficult to always find time to read. I work full time. Have three year-round soccer playing children. Have a coach/player for a hubby. Assist my Grammy as much as possible – attending doctor appointments, coordinating care, sounding board, etc. Visit with family at least once a week. I’m a school party coordinator for one of the kids each year and participate in as many functions as work allows. Did I mention that I can’t afford a maid or a cook? Or that my children go to a private school which means tons of homework that they can’t seem to do without the ogre mom standing over them? Or that I attend all of the kids games and most of their practices – this amounts to no less than six days a week….

Hmmm. How do I find time to read?
– Well, I talk hubby into driving when he’s home (as opposed to the 1-2 weeks a month he travels for work) and read in the car.
– I read during practice when I’m not pulling together some team function – like tournament med forms, snack lists, or whatever.
– I read in the 10-15 minutes between the time I get off work and the time the kids bus comes.
– I read on Sundays when we’re at my in-law’s
– I read every night while I’m waiting for the laundry to be ready and hubby’s watching those stressful reality shows.
I’m actually lucky I don’t really like tv – I get to read instead.

Blogging for me is more difficult. I generally do that while the kids are showering at night or early Saturday morning. Yes, I pre-post mostly everything – I couldn’t do it otherwise. I’d never be able to keep up!

My Fall into Reading Challenge List in in my sidebar. I am currently finished three of forty-five books. (I initially had forty-six listed then I realized that I repeated one. Oops!)

How are you doing in the challenge?
Did you answer the challenge question? If so, leave a link and we’ll stop by to see what how you manage to read.

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3 thoughts on “Fall Into Reading: Challenge Question

  1. Am exhausted….from reading you schedule. I remember those days and wonder how I too was able to read. But enjoy these days as they go by as fast as the snap of your fingers. My boys are 26 and 24 and I wonder where the years went.

  2. Someone asked me the other day how I get it all done. I laughed & told them that the trick is not to think about it!
    I love every minute I spend with the kids. I decided a number of years ago that spending time with them would be more important to me than having a perfect house. So my house tends to get cluttered but I watched the game!

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