Oct 272011

Each week Katrina @ Callapidder Days will be posting a question to go along with our FIR challenge.
I know, I missed last week but I’m catching up.

Question 4

How large is your personal/family collection of books? And where do you keep them?

Well, I have a room in the basement that has 5 floor to ceiling bookcases in it and several dozen boxes of books. I also have thousands of books on my different ereaders. I’m currently trying to convert my physical library to an e-library due to space and fire concerns… or so Hubby tells me.

What about you? Please, share.

Question 5

Do you skim? Or are you faithful to read every word?

I guess it depends. I like to read every words but sometimes, if I get really excited or bored I do find myself skimming.

What about you? How do you read?

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  One Response to “Fall into Reading: Q5”

  1. It definitely depends on what I am reading. I do try NOT to skim too much. But… if a book is slow and I have to finish it, I do tend to skim (or speed read) a little. But never through the whole thing. On most books I do read word for word.

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