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Five Flavors of Dumb, Antony John

Piper has, somehow, managed to get herself appointed as the manager of the school’s rock band. Unusual? Probably not, until you consider that she’s deaf.


If Piper had just spent a little more time thinking during her rant at her brother – who just happened to be a band groupie – she may not have gotten herself into this position. But now, she’s undeniably stated on school grounds – and you know how that gossip flies – that as their manager she could get them paying gigs.
Sure, being deaf is an issue. But more than that – Piper just doesn’t ‘get it.’ She doesn’t ‘get’ that music is played because it’s a part of you. She doesn’t ‘get’ that people come to see the artists pour themselves into the song. She doesn’t ‘get’ that the band needs to mean more than replacing the college fund her parents used to save her sister’s hearing.

My Thoughts

I grabbed this book because I was looking for something for my son to read. The book states that
it’s for ages 12+ I still think at 12 he’s a bit young. However, with the exception of a few language edits I think that it’s a very realistic tale of a normal high school and the students trapped in it’s wall.

I loved the realism. This book is Piper speaking first hand and while I don’t typically enjoy first hand books I really enjoyed her personality and the way she thinks. It’s not silly or frivolous you feel what she feels – even the confusion she has about why she’s so very angry at her parents.

I didn’t enjoy the language. I also didn’t really like the beginning. Actually, if I hadn’t promised reading the book I’d have probably put it down after the first few chapters but then I got into it and had a rough time putting it down.

I think this is a book that I’ll give to CJ when he starts feeling the teenage inadequacy and starts to have trouble fitting in. I think it realistically shows someone who is ‘destined’ to be on the outside find them-self and finally realize that they are the ‘typical self-centered teen’.

Rating: B+
Buy or Borrow: Buy – you’ll want to share
Steam: Nada – completely appropriate.

** Many of the books I review are Advance Review Copies. These books are loaned to me for my review. I am in no way compensated for my time nor am I asked to give anything but my honest review. This book was sent by the author, Antony John to the Good Golly Miss Holly ARC Tour. (See my sidebar for further details.)

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