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Most people would laugh when five orange

BN – AmazonGRCBDAuthor

seeds fall out of an envelope, as John Openshaw did when they fell from the envelope his uncle opened. He watched in amazement as his uncle’s face turned ashen and he became fearful. The next thing John knew he was helping his uncle make out a will and staring in amazement as his uncle ran from the house yelling at ghosts.

Was is the five orange pips driving him mad or the letters inscribed on the envelope… K. K. K.

Hott Review

Though this was probably quite a mystery when it was written I’m sure even sixth graders could figure out the basics of this story before it happens, and yet, it was still a fun book. This is quite a fun book due to the personalities that both Watson and Holmes exhibit in this novella.

Rating: A
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Steam: Nada – safe for all.
Series: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Publish Date: June 1st 2009
ISBN: 1411431979 Price: $1.99(GR)
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