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Review | Four Weddings and a Kiss

A Western Bride Collection

Four Weddings and a Kiss

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Spitfire Sweetheart

Maizy Place really messed up this time. Not even hours after Rylan Carstens told her to stay off of his land she was back and caused an accident that has him confined to his bed for weeks – with the possibility of losing everything he’s ever wanted.

Can Maizy fix this?

Review: WOW! This was a terrific book. I was so sorry that it was a novella, but I’m holding out a hope that we’ll see more of both of these characters in an upcoming series.

Author: Mary Connealy
Grade: A
Ages: 16+

Love Letter to the Editor

Molly Everton can’t believe her father did this!! He hired an editor behind her back! Really?! What was the sense in going to school and working as a journalist for all of these years if he was planning to hire someone else to take over?

Jack Ludgrove can’t believe his luck! He’s finally gotten to come west as he’s always wanted. The scenery is amazing – in and out of the office.

Review: I really enjoyed Love Letter to the Editor though as I finished reading it I realized that I didn’t ‘know’ Molly or Jack as much as I thought I should. Still, it was a sweet romance that I couldn’t put down.

Author: Robin Lee Hatcher
Grade: B+
Ages: 16+

A Cowboy for Katie

Being trapped inside a house devastated by a tornado for several days put Katie Pearl in an unstable frame of mind. Even now, weeks later, she’s still petrified of the dark and on enclosed places – like her house, the barn, the mercantile.

Treb Rayburn has no idea what he’s getting himself into when he comes upon Katie’s ranch as her new hired hand. The woman talks to herself, refuses to go into any buildings, and pulls her gun on everyone. It’s a good thing Treb doesn’t plan to stay long with this skittish woman!

Review: Adorable! Cute and fun. This was a quick read that I’m sure all will love. The characters weren’t too shallow, the plot was full and interesting, and, well, it’d was a fun read.

Author: Debra Clopton
Grade: A
Ages: 16+

Courting Trouble

Grace Davenport, nicknamed the Black Widow by the townsfolk, is on trial for the murder of her husband. There is no hope not even with her attorney, Brock Daniels, helping. Can God use Brock to show the town the truth – she’s not a murderess she just makes really poor choices!

Review: Courting Trouble was a good book. Not as exciting or fun as the others. It’s a solid good book with great characters and plot.

Author: Margaret Brownley
Grade: B+
Ages: 16+

Hott Review of Four Weddings and a Kiss:

What I liked: I especially adored the prologue that pulled all of these stories together. It absolutely made me want to devour every page. The stories are all very individual, but linked though the prologue and epilogue, and each worthy of a spot on your shelf.

What I didn’t like: I’d like to have heard more about the characters in the prologue & epilogue, they were adorable & worthy of their own story!


Source: Thomas Nelson via Netgalley
Grade: A
Ages: 16+
Steam: YA
Setting: New Mexico, Wyoming, Texas, and Colorado


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