Nov 262010 Synopsis: Solie finds herself kidnapped as bait for a dangerous Battle Sylph named Heyou, but she fights back and takes control of him, an immensely powerful shapeshifter. Solie & Heyou flee death to seek sanctuary, and Heyou begins to fill Solie with desires that threaten to change the world.

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Kidnapped and destined to be the virgin sacrifice meant to lure a fierce, shapeshifting battle sylph through the portal, Solie, terrified and fighting for her life, upends the Royal plans and stuns a kingdom when she disarms the young prince and binds the battler as her own. Now on the run, Heyou and Solie, whom he adores and now protects as his queen, eventually join forces with two other renegade battle sylphs and their masters and head for safety in the hills, knowing it is only a matter of time before they will have to defend themselves again. VERDICT Deftly written, intensely seductive, and emotionally compelling, this riveting story introduces readers to characters they want to know better and a mesmerizing, magical world that they won’t want to leave. Fortunately for fantasy fans, McDonald’s first novel is the beginning of a series and a stunning, incredibly creative debut. McDonald lives in Cold Lake, Alta.

The Battle Sylph, Sylph Series, L. J. McDonald, (9781428508170) NOOKbook (eBook) – Barnes & Noble

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