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Free Friday: The Cruelest Cut, Rick Reed, NOOKbook

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When a killer plays mind games with a cop, There Are No Rules.

The first victim is attacked in her home. Tied to her bed. Forced to watch every unspeakable act of cruelty—but unable to scream. The second murder is even more twisted. Signed, sealed, and delivered with a message for the police, stuffed in the victim’s throat. A fractured nursery rhyme that ends with a warning: “There will be more.” For detective Jack Murphy, it’s more than a threat. It’s a personal invitation to play. And no one plays rougher than Jack. Especially when the killer’s pawns are the people he loves…

“A must-read, can’t-put-down adventure.” —John Lutz

“A jaw-dropping thriller.” —Gregg Olsen

“A tornado of drama.” —Shane Gericke

“As authentic and scary as thrillers get.” -Nelson DeMille

The Cruelest Cut, Rick Reed, (9780786026036) NOOKbook (eBook) – Barnes & Noble

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