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Free Friday!! To Conquer a Highlander, Mary Wine, eBook

To Conquer a Highlander, Mary Wine, Free eBook Download

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Her father will surely kill them both when he finds out what they’ve done…

Publishers Weekly

Wine (In the Warrior’s Bed) fills this addictive tale of betrayal, lust, power, and love with detail-rich descriptions and frequent bedroom scenes hot enough to warm even the coldest Scottish nights. In 15th-century Scotland, women are expected to be quiet, meek, and above all obedient, but hot-blooded, hotheaded Shannon McBoyd is not a typical simpering lady. She meets her match in the dark, handsome highlander Torin McLeren, who kidnaps her to stop her father’s raids into McLeren land. While Scotland roils in political upheaval, Shannon struggles to accept passion and a future with Torin, never losing her independent spirit and courage even as she succumbs to her feelings. Wine skillfully creates suspense, keeping Shannon’s fate uncertain until the very end. With a captivating leading lady and terrific pacing, this story will be devoured by devoted historical romance readers. (July)

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3 thoughts on “Free Friday!! To Conquer a Highlander, Mary Wine, eBook

  1. Oooh, score!! I've been wanting to read this and never got it. I have a Nook so now I can download it for FREE 😀 Sa-weet!

    Thanks for the heads up!
    PS: Visit our BLOG for all kinds of Halloween goodness including a Graveyard Photo Tour, Creating A Halloween Story and sign up to win our Halloween Prize Pack =)

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