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Free Friday

This week at BN.com they have a wonderful ebook up for grabs. 

Doesn’t it look wonderful?

BN.com Synopsis

Hidden in the dark heart of Victorian London, what fortunes, intimate encounters, and supernatural terrors awaited sweet, timid Percy Parker at Athens Academy?

Publishers Weekly

Six young men and women are called to protect the living world from the dead in Hieber’s Gothic romance debut. Mysterious powers give Alexi and his peers the mission of keeping the restless dead in line and seeking a prophesied seventh guardian. Miss Percy Parker, an albino orphan with a talent for languages, fills none of their expectations, but Alexi is drawn to her all the same. Hieber draws Victorian London as beautiful and grim, with depictions of Jack the Ripper as a nightmarish many-headed hound alongside charming descriptions of the Athens Academy, Percy’s boarding school, and Greek mythology that smartly draws together various elements of the story. The supporting characters are nuanced and appealing but given short shrift by the narrow focus on Percy and Alexi, though future sequels may give them more room to play. Hieber’s debut shows great potential, and readers will want to revisit her intriguing world.
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Have you read it? If, not grab it today!

If so, haw do you rate it?

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