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Free Fridays

I’m not sure if it’s a mistake but, this morning, I picked up four of the ten ‘Lost Tales of Mercia’ ebooks from Barnes and Noble at no charge. These look to be entertaining – but I’ll let you know after I read them.

Here’s the info I downloaded from BN.com:

The Lost Tales of Mercia” by Jayden Woods is a series of ten short stories set in England near the end of the Viking Age. Read in any order.

The First Lost Tale of Mercia:
Golde the Mother

The First Tale follows the mother of Eadric Streona. It raises the question of who fathered the boy that would become notorious as one of the most treacherous men in England.

The Second Lost Tale of Mercia:
Ethelred the King

This tale illustrates the scandalous circumstances surrounding Ethelred’s rise to power at the age of eleven, and shows why the entire reign of so-called “Ethelred the Unready” seems to have been cursed.

The Third Lost Tale of Mercia:
Aydith the Aetheling

Aydith’s story is that of a young aetheling who, despite her royal blood, can get no one to listen to her willful opinions. With the encouragement of a kind hearth companion named Hastings, perhaps she will find another way to help her ill-fated country.

The Fourth Lost Tale of Mercia:
Athelward the Historian

In this tale, Lord Athelward, an ealdorman who also wants to write history, finds his peace of mind disturbed when a strange woman named Golde and her young son Eadric show up on his doorstep with a ridiculous proposal.

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