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When originally published, God Don’t Like Ugly was hailed as a “tale of extreme hardship with a hopeful, uplifting tone”, which is certainly true, but it’s Monroe’s characters that really sets this coming of age novel apart from the pack.

Heavyset Annette Goode is the Yin to beautiful Rhoda Nelson’s Yang but the lasting bond that they form, in the clearly delineated black and white society of 1950’s Ohio, just may be strong enough to insure one another’s survival.
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Mary Monroe, the acclaimed author of The Upper Room, has had her work praised as “warm, energetic, and charming” by the Houston Post and “magnificent” byt theSan Francisco Chronicle. Now, in her new novel, God Don’t Like Ugly, she brings back to life the bond between two girls from opposite sides of the track and the shattering event that changes their lives forever.
Set in Ohio during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, this richly-drawn coming-of-age tale is about a sexually abused young black woman and the beautiful and diabolical best friend who comes to her rescue. Resonating with clear-eyed wit and uncompromising honesty, it is a tale of endurance, hope and triumph, full of laughter and pure enjoyment.

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