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Get Your Groove On With These Great Books!

Good Morning!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m overwhelmed & exhausted! When are the relaxing days of summer going to begin so that I can recuperate before the grind starts again?

Just in this month we’ve participated in a soccer league, had family in for a week+, my son suffered a broken bone & resulting surgery, and I travelled to a week long conference (and back a couple of times to do Dr check-ins with Bug!). Seriously! I need a break!!

How is your summer going? I hope you’re getting in much more reading & relaxing time than I am! Check out the great books I’ve found – hopefully one of us will be able to enjoy them!

It’s time to get this week’s Free Reads & Great Deals!! Are you Ready?

Just click on the covers to get your Kindle books

  • Each of the covers will take you directly to Amazon – whether it’s free there or not.
  • Unless noted the books were Free at the time of posting.
  • If I’ve found the book Free elsewhere, I’ll give links for all of the free sites below the cover — If it’s not free at Amazon, the cover will still take you to Amazon BUT the icon will not be below the book.

Great Deals:




$2 (Or KU)



Free Reads

(Diff Cover)

Disclaimer: I try my best to check all links, categories and prices but I have not read these books nor do I control the bookstores so, please, check before you buy!

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