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Day 28 Review: Harlequin Holiday Collection

Hott Synopsis

And a Dead Gut in a Pear Tree
Leslie Kelly

Why is this happening? This was Jolly’s last chance to save her grandparents home. Sure, turning it into an inn was a terrific idea but the idea wouldn’t be worth dirt if they didn’t get some paying customers. Now, now, there’s a dead guy in under the Christmas tree and her ex is knocking of the door! How on earth is Holly going to get rid of them before her last chance of making this inn work arrives?

Oh, so much fun! I couldn’t put it down.

Steam: Adult
Grade: B+

Seduced by the Season

Undercover for Christmas. By choice. Yep. This is the life. Tracking down a major drug lord though said lord’s Achilles heel – his antiquities dealer. Except cramming for this mission isn’t much fun- until Clint meets the gorgeous bartender who also happens to be a historian. This mission may actually shape up to be an exciting one.

It’s been a long time since an author’s description made me put the book down to search out pictures and history of a site. Loved it!

Steam: Y/A
Grade: C+

Evidence of Desire
Debra Webb

A new town. A new job. A new crush. A new stalker.

Wait… What? But why?

Enticing but not enthralling. A nice quick mystery.

Steam: Adult
Grade: C

Season of Wonder
Marta Perry

Brittle and desolate, Ally is trying to be everything to her daughter. She has a plan, though, repair and sell the cottage, get Kristie back on her feet, and start a new job.
Until, the handsome neighbor with ties to her heart stops by.

A perfect ending. A sweet ending to this culmination of titles.

Steam: Y/A
Grade: A


Grade: B+
Steam: Adult – though… If you’ve grabbed it as a freebie and don’t enjoy the steam, read the last one.

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