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Hatteras Girl, Alice Wisler

Jackie’s life is pretty perfect.

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Nothing too terrible has happened. Her parents are still married to each other. She graduated high school and went to college. She got a job as a journalist and moved back to Cape Hatteras where she grew up. Her parents may no longer be there but most of her family and friends are.

Actually there are only two things Jackie wishes for: a husband and The Bailey House. She’s trying to be patient with God but she’s almost thirty! How long will she have to wait? The worst part? She can’t seem to find out who owns the Bailey house. Until she interviews a local Realtor who seems to have ties to the old home. At least he hints that he has ties to it. Could he just be trying to get a date? No, Jackie’s luck doesn’t usually run that way…

My Thoughts

Hatteras Girl was a good book. The characters, the scenes, the events all felt like remembering your own life and the memories you cherish. I just couldn’t get into it. There was just something that didn’t click for me.

Actually, I think that there were just a few quirks – not necessarily bad things – about her reactions to situations that were the complete antithesis of how I’d react. These made me a bit reluctant to like an otherwise very good book.

Read it – Let me know what you think.

Rating: B
Buy or Borrow: Borrow
Steam: Barely bubbling – A bit of kissing.

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