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Her Best Friend

Amy has spent the last eighteen months pulling away from her two best friends. What other choice did she have? Quinn and Lisa are married to each other, Amy’s in love with Quinn, and can barely face Lisa because of the jealousy.

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That’s why it’s with great hesitation that she dials Lisa’s number when it looks as if her dreams will go up in smoke. She wasn’t prepared for Quinn to answer, but answer he did. One second all that matters to Amy is that she may loose her lifelong dream of restoring the Grand Theater that her Great-Grandfather built and the next she can barely breathe because she has loved him for so very long.

But lawyer and friend that he is, Quinn helps Amy out and then shows up out of the blue to see what more he can do. But Quinn seems different somehow. And, why isn’t he on vacation with Lisa? Something odd is going on…

My thoughts

This book was adorable! I can’t always get into HQ romances but this one really struck a chord with me for some reason. Amy loves him even though she feels like he picked Lisa over her. She sees him as the perfect man. He sees her as the best friend he could ever have.

Don’t expect any poignant statements or revelations in this book – but for a late teen or an easy read this is just the book. It’s cute, has terrific believable characters, and a decent (not overdone) plot.

I’ll pick this one up again!

Rating: A
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