My challenges are progressing, not as quickly as I’d like, but at least there is finally some forward motion:

In April I completed:

Host: Tales From the Crypt
Level: 5 Para Romances
Hott Posts

2012 Paranormal Romance

  1. Haunted in Death
  2. The Wedding Gift
  3. Thoughtless
  4. Angel Be Good
  5. Goddess Interrupted
Host: Red House Books
Level: Gold Star (30+ Netgalley Books)

2012 NetGalley Reading Challenge

  1. The Awesome Book of Unusual Bible Heroes for Kids
  2. Bittersweet Summer
  3. Duck for a Day
  4. The Case of a School Ghost
  5. Terrible, Awful, Horrible Manners!
  6. Henry Helps with the Baby
  7. Big Sisters Are the Best
  8. Hippo Says “Excuse Me
  9. The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island
  10. Death By Petticoat
  11. Dancing Queen
  12. Courtney Crumrin and The Night Things
  13. Time Voyage
  14. The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin
  15. Head Over Heels
  16. Catch Me
  1. Once Upon a Wicked Night
  2. Hidden Summit
  3. Lily
  4. Redwood Bend
  5. Tool Belt Defender
  6. The Summer Garden
  7. Gabby’s Stick to it Day
  8. The Wedding Gift
  9. Mr Badger and His Rose Petal Cake
  10. Princess Recovery
  11. Tall
  12. Isabella Girl On the Go
  13. Peru in Images
  14. Undeniably Yours
  15. Somebody to Love
Hosts: Book Obsessed
Level: Diploma: 6 – 10 books

Antonym Reading Challenge

  1. Haunted in Death : Angel Be Good
  2. Last Spy Standing : Head Over Heels
  3. The Rogue’s Reform : Innocent in Death
  4. Catch MeUndeniably Yours
  5. Hidden Summit : The Summer Garden
  6. Born in Death (born & death ;))
Romance Challenge
Host: The Eclectic Bookshelf
Level 4: Read 15+ Romance Novels
Hott Posts

2012 Romance Reading Challenge

  1. Last Spy Standing
  2. Hot Flash
  3. Head Over Heels
  4. The Rogue’s Reform
  5. Hidden Summit
  6. Sister of the Bride
  7. Lily
  8. Redwood Bend
  1. Tool Belt Defender
  2. The Summer Garden
  3. Lust on the Rocks
  4. Once Upon a Wicked Night
  5. Undeniably Yours
  6. The Secret Diaries of Miranda Cheever
  7. Somebody to Love
  8. Angel Be Good
e-Book Challenge
Host: The Eclectic Bookshelf
Mega Level: Read 25+ eBooks in 2012
Hott Posts

2012 E-Book Reading Challenge

  1. Last Spy Standing
  2. Haunted in Death
  3. Hot Flash
  4. Head Over Heels
  5. Hidden Summit
  6. Sister of the Bride
  7. Lily
  8. Redwood Bend
  9. Tool Belt Defender
  10. The Summer Garden
  11. Innocent in Death
  12. Lust on the Rocks
  13. Once Upon a Wicked Night
  1. Big Sisters Are the Best
  2. Catch Me
  3. Death by Petticoat
  4. Peru in Images
  5. The Day We Met
  6. The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin
  7. The Wedding Gift
  8. Thoughtless
  9. Ugly to Start With
  10. Killer Bytes
  11. Undeniably Yours
  12. Somebody to Love
  13. Angel Be Good

3 Replies to “Hey I’ve finished… something…”

  1. Good for you! I signed up for a read 150+ books in a year challenge, but as I’m currently at less than thirty I don’t think I’m going to make it. It’s still fun to keep track of how many books I am reading, though.

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