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His Lady Mistress, Elizabeth Rolls

Verity falls in love with Max over her father’s grave.
This is a classic Cinderella story, sort-of. Verity is shuffled off to her uncles home after her father takes his life. Her unlce family is just a bit odd though. She’s not treated as part of them she’s treated worse than the servants – she’s even forced to give up her name and use another. Until years later when Max comes to check on her.

However, the plot does take a few steps up from that. Max wants Verity as his mistress – until he finally figures out who she is. Then he takes her as his wife but for all of the wrong reasons.

Some parts of this book are really silly, some are a bit slow but overall – if you can stay interested enough to get though those parts and continue to read – it’s really not a bad book. Though I will admit that the characters could have a bit more personality than they seem to.

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Rating: B+

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