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How to Wed a Baron

Justin absolutely cannot believe that’s he’s Prinny’s dupe. But the dupe he is.

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Prinny many have led Justin to believe that all Justin needed to do to return to England was to add to Prinny’s dwindling bank account but that wasn’t exactly true. He also needed Justin to eliminate someone for him. Eliminate someone threatening so that a new alliance for England could be made. It always comes back to what they haven’t told you.

In order to eliminate this threat Justin must marry. Marry someone he’s never met. Marry a gypsy, uh, excuse me, Romany. Justin has sworn that he’ll never wed – not again. Not after being in exile for killing his last wife’s lover in a duel.

The things Justin will do to return to England!

My Thoughts

So much of the plot seemed redone to me. Like I’d read it all before. However, I adored the gypsy element (gypsies re in many my favorite books), the characters were fun, and the author made so many fun ‘statements’ that I’ll absolutely be grabbing some of the other books in the series.

Thanks for a great afternoon!

Rating: B+
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Steam: It gets pretty steamy. Not too graphic but it meshes well in the book. (Not for younger readers.)

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