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I apparently need to listen to more music…

My family normally listens to the Christian music station, except when the weather is bad. So the other day when it was snowing Bug & I were driving down the road and this song came on:


So my conversation with my teen went like this….

Hun, I don’t think we should be listening to this. I don’t understand what he’s saying but every third word is cursing.

He’s singing about shopping.

I don’t think so, Bug. Why would he be singing about a thrift store?

Mom, it’s just a thrift store advertisement. He probably just feels bad for thrift stores because they don’t have money to advertise so he’s letting everyone know they can get clothes for less than $20.


How was I even supposed to respond to that? So I looked up the lyrics….

Thrift Shop Lyrics

from The Heist

Hey Macklemore can we go thrift shopping

What what what what (x2)

Bada, badada, badada, bada… [x9]

I’m gonna pop some tags
Only got twenty dollars in my pocket
I – I – I’m hunting, looking for a come-up
This is f-ing awesome

[Verse 1:]
Nah, Walk up to the club like, “What up, I got a soda pop
I’m so pumped about some shit from the thrift shop
Ice on the fringe, it’s so damn frosty
That people like, “D–n! That’s a cold a– honkey.”
Rollin’ in, hella deep, headin’ to the mezzanine,
Dressed in all pink, ‘cept my gator shoes, those are green
Draped in a leopard mink, girls standin’ next to me
Probably shoulda washed this, smells like R. Kelly’s sheets
But shit, it was ninety-nine cents! (Bag it)
Coppin’ it, washin’ it, ’bout to go and get some compliments
Passin’ up on those moccasins someone else’s been walkin’ in
But me and grungy f-in it man
I am stuntin’ and flossin’ and
Savin’ my money and I’m hella happy that’s a bargain, bitch
I’ma take your grandpa’s style, I’ma take your grandpa’s style,
No for real – ask your grandpa – can I have his hand-me-downs? (Thank you)
Velour jumpsuit and some house slippers
Dookie brown leather jacket that I found diggin’
They had a broken keyboard, I bought a broken keyboard
I bought a skeet blanket, then I bought a kneeboard
Hello, hello, my ace man, my Mello
John Wayne ain’t got nothing on my fringe game, hell no
I could take some Pro Wings, make them cool, sell those
The sneaker heads would be like “Aw, he got the Velcros”

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
What you know about rockin’ a wolf on your noggin?
What you knowin’ about wearin’ a fur fox skin?
I’m digging, I’m digging, I’m searching right through that luggage
One man’s trash, that’s another man’s come-up
Thank your granddad for donating that plaid button-up shirt
‘Cause right now I’m up in her stuntin’
I’m at the Goodwill, you can find me in the (Uptons)
I’m not, I’m not sick of searchin’ in that section (Uptons)
Your grammy, your aunty, your momma, your mammy
I’ll take those flannel zebra jammies, second-hand, I rock that motherf-er
The built-in onesie with the socks on that motherf-er
I hit the party and they stop in that motherf-er
They be like, “Oh, that Gucci – that’s hella tight.”
I’m like, “Yo – that’s fifty dollars for a T-shirt.”
Limited edition, let’s do some simple addition
Fifty dollars for a T-shirt – that’s just some ignorant b–ch (shit)
I call that getting swindled and pimped (shit)
I call that getting tricked by a business
That shirt’s hella dough
And having the same one as six other people in this club is a hella don’t
Peep game, come take a look through my telescope
Tryna get girls from a brand? Man you hella won’t
Man you hella won’t

(Goodwill… poppin’ tags… yeah!)


I wear your granddad’s clothes
I look incredible
I’m in this big a– coat
From that thrift shop down the road
I wear your granddad’s clothes (D–n right)
I look incredible (now come on man)
I’m in this big a– coat (big a– coat)
From that thrift shop down the road (let’s go)


(Little Girl: is that your Grandma’s coat hahaha ?)

Read more: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop Lyrics | MetroLyrics


& I apparently need to listen to more music (& check out the lyrics) before my kids disown me!

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