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I Thee Wed

I Thee Wed, Amanda Quick

Emma Grayson, personal companion, to one Lady spends her days doing her best not to jeopardize her reputation or virtue. Luckily, she’s excellent at disguises, writing her own references, and handy with a chamber pot (clunking would-be rapists on the head with one, that is). What she is not good at is being meek, or humble, or even unobtrusive.

Edison Stokes, on the other hand, is dangerous. Born a bastard and unrecognized by his father he has made his own path. Going so far as to restore the family fortune his father wasted before his death. However, he and his grandmother – his only living relative – still don’t speak. Can’t stand each other as a matter of fact.

“Bastard.” Emma was still seething when she stalked outside into the heavily shadowed gardens a few minutes later. “Dreadful, slimy, disgusting little bastard.”

“I have often, with some justification, been accused of being a bastard,” Edison said neutrally. “But few people call me that to my face.”

As I’ve said, JAK just cracks me up!

This book spends much time explaining Vanzagara that was touched on in the last book. Edison is searching for a book that was stolen from the Vanzagarian library. A chemist that specializes in Vanzagarian herbs has been murdered. A lady no one has met prior to this season is pushing tea down everyone’s throats and asking them to guess which card is in her hand. It really is a fun book – intriguing and difficult to put down!

Rating: A

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