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I’m In — For Reading Challenges That Is ;)

I almost skipped them this year because of the terrible reading slump I had last year but I decided that I really need to just start enjoying reading again. Therefore, I’ve chosen my challenges with fun in mind:

Reading Challenge AddictReading Challenge Addict

hosted by Bev @ My Reader’s Block. My Level is — In Flight: 11-15 Challenges (Entered & Completed)


2014 Review Pile Reading Challenge

hosted by Fiktshun and Phantasmic Reads!
I’m planning to get 10 (Apprentice) books done that I’ve Already signed up for but haven’t yet completed.


2014 Mount TBR Challenge

hosted by Bev @ My Reader’s Block. I’ll be reading AT LEAST 12 books from my existing TBR pile.


2014 Historic Fiction Reading Challenge 2014 Historic Fiction Reading Challenge

hosted by Ramblings of a Daydreamer. I’ll be reading 13-20 books (Traveling back in time) to complete this challenge.


2014 Just for Fun Reading Challenge

I’ll be reading one book each month that I want to read. Hopefully that will fall in line with my TBR lists but if not – oh well….


2014 Monthly Key Word Reading ChallengeMonthly Key Word Reading Challenge

  1. JAN- Angel, Secret, Clock, Black, Day, Wild
  2. FEB- Her, Life, Night, Red, Dark, Island
  3. MAR- Forever, Inside, Storm, Sky, Flower, Stay
  4. APR- Star, Light, Never, Princess, Break, Clear
  5. MAY- Dawn, Death, End, Lost, Beautiful, And
  6. JUN- Color, Beyond, Day, Place, Grave, Road
  7. JUL- Beautiful, Ship, Prince, Whisper, Sun, Of
  8. AUG- Forgotten, Down, True, Run, Danger, Me
  9. SEP- Number, Take, Shadow, Ice, Who, After
  10. OCT- Ocean, Blood, Still, Out, The, Fate
  11. NOV- Into, Sound, Blue, House, My, Last
  12. DEC- Kiss, Fire, Ruin, White, Promise, Infinity

2014 Women ChallengeWomen Challenge

hosted by Peek a Book. I’m planning to read 16 to 20 books written by a woman author (SUPER GIRL). My favorites are Susan Mallery, Amanda Scott, Regina Scott, Jayne Anne Krentz, and Mary Connealy.


2014 Netgalley Reading Challenge

hosted by Ariel Avalon. I’ll be completing 16-20 books from Netgalley.


2014 Reading Challenge: Indie-Fever2014 Indie Fever Reading Challenge

hosted by b00k r3vi3ws by DDS. My level is — Amateur : Choose to read 1 – 24 New Authors. I’m hoping to add five new authors to my list.


What’s in a Name? Reading Challenge 2014

hosted at The Worm Hole.

  1. A reference to time (Eleven Minutes, Before Ever After)
  2. A position of royalty (The People’s Queen, The Last Empress, The Curse Of The Pharaoh)
  3. A number written in letters (The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, A Tale Of Two Cities)
  4. A forename or names (Rebecca, Eleanor & Park, The Unfinished Work Of Elizabeth D.)
  5. A type or element of weather (Gone With The Wind, Red Earth Pouring Rain)

Fifty States 2014

No one appears to be hosting but I like this one so I’m doing it anyway 😉


In DeathIn Death Reading Challenge – Perpetual

Since I STILL haven’t finished yet…

Next Up:
  • Promises in Death, 28
  • Kindred in Deathv
  • Missing in Death, 29.5
  • Fantasy in Death, 30
  • Indulgence in Death, 31
  • Possession In Death, 31.5
  • Treachery in Death, 32
  • New York to Dallas, 33
  • Chaos in Death, 33.5
  • Celebrity in Death, 34
  • Delusion in Death
  • Calculated in Death
  • Thankless in Death
  • Taken in Death (Mirror, Mirror)


Monthly Mix-UpMonthly Mix-up Mania

Host: Book Dragon
Level: Read for ea letter (74 Books)

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2 thoughts on “I’m In — For Reading Challenges That Is ;)

  1. Awesome challenges! I’ll be signing up for several as well. 🙂 Thank you for sharing these! There are many I haven’t heard of and definitely want to join.

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