Eve’s getting married!?!

This is a terrific book where Eve is pulled in so many directions that she doesn’t realize what’s going on until it smacks her in the face. It’s nice to see that fictional characters can make mistakes, too.

Many characters make their first appearances in this book. Peabody takes form as a character and begins to be part of the core. Leonardo, fashion designer, & Trina, stylist, appear. Crack begins his regular appearances. Dick Berenski, Chief tech in the Police lab, shows with his never ending quest for bribe attempts.

Eve’s friendship with Mavis is shown completely as Eve strives to prove Mavis’s innocence. She takes yet another step towards reconciling with her past. She begins to repair the damage her last case took on her relationship with Captain Whitney. She also takes several steps further in her friendship with Nadine.

It’s hilarious to watch Delia Peabody struggle with the line between being respectful of her superior and her own sarcastic wit. She’s so obviously in awe of Eve and yet still able to be herself with Eve.

This book is very interesting because this is where you learn why Roarke and Summerset are together. Eve and Summerset begin to understand each other and why they are the way that they are. Though it’s doubtful that Summerset will ever completely like Eve or feel that she is good enough for Roarke.

Rating: A+

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