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Inside the Author: Lindsay Paige

Yay! I get to have another new author with me today!! Lindsay Paige, Author of the Bold As Love series, has stopped by to talk to me about her series.

Lindsay, Wow. This is a very real story. It’s almost impossible to believe that I wasn’t there. What was the hardest part about writing this series?

The hardest part of writing this series is that sometimes I wonder if I’m connecting enough with the reader. I have to remember that there are certain things that I know and my readers do not. The hardest part for me is ensuring that I give the readers all the information they need.

Did you have a specific take away for these books that you are really hoping comes across to your readers?

When I started writing, it because this reoccurring daydream wouldn’t go away. In the beginning, there was never a message that I wanted to get to the reader. I only knew that I wanted to write something that was real and made the reader feel something. It doesn’t matter if it’s joy, sorrow, or anger. As a reader, I love it when the author makes me feel something. I wanted to make whoever read my books feel.

Do you have plans for another series after this one is finished?

I do have other books planned. I’m working on a couple right now, but I don’t have a series planned.

Thanks for having me! I really enjoyed answering your questions.

Oh, it’s not a problem, Lindsay! Please, come back again — I just can’t wait to read the next two books!



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