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Inside the Author: Susan Mallery (@SusanMallery)

Blackberry Island


Recently, I was able to review Barefoot Season by Susan Mallery. The book completely floored me! I’m not a women’s fiction fan but I could not put this book down. I was so shocked and thrilled that I had to hunt down the author and ask a few questions. Check it out!

Susan, what is it about Barefoot Season that made you yearn to share?

One day, I asked myself, What if you and your best friend fell in love with the same man… and then he chose her? Could you be truly happy for her when your heart is breaking? What would you do if he then came to you – this man you both love – and told you that he made a mistake, that he should have chosen you? Could you turn him away? From this spark came BAREFOOT SEASON.

Susan MalleryI’ve heard that Barefoot Season is the first in a new series called Blackberry Island, What can you tell us about Blackberry Island?

On Blackberry Island, life is sweet and the happy ending is guaranteed! I’m a firm believer that life is better with romance, so you can rest assured that the women on Blackberry Island will find love with men who will make your toes curl. The Blackberry Island books will also allow me to explore other relationships. We women often define ourselves by the relationships in our lives. Not just by our romantic relationships, but by our friendships, our relationships with our mothers, our children, our bosses, our neighbors… For us, it’s not so much “what do you do?” as “whom do you love and who loves you back?” that determines how we feel about ourselves. It’s nice to stretch my wings a little to write about some of these other defining relationships, as well.

While I’m thrilled about this new series, it doesn’t mean the end of Fool’s Gold, does it?

Oh, no. This summer, I’m heading back to Fool’s Gold, California – the Land of Happy Endings – with four brand new full-length novels, plus an ebook novella. The titles and release dates are:
– ALMOST SUMMER – May 1 (ebook novella)

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me here today at Hott Books, and especially for your wonderful review of BAREFOOT SEASON! I must say, I’ve been thrilled with reader response to this book. Readers’ enthusiasm is what keeps me going!

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