Oh, no! Eve is off planet again! Oh, how she hates that!
Roarke does his best to get her over the travelling hump, as usual, and she manages to walk into the opening ceremonial party of the Police Conference located at the prestigious Olympus Resort looking like a human. She watches Skinner, one of the most respected cops she’s known speaking to a group of admirers. Her back gets up, though when he orders her – yes, he ordered Eve – to come and speak with him.He takes some time to explain to Eve how women are born nurtures and belong in the home – and she manages not to punch him during his tirade on a women’s position. It was, however, a close call when he tells her that she’ll never be promoted because she lost her integrity when she married a criminal. However, since he’s such a great great guy he’ll get her that promotion if she’ll help him put Roarke in a cage where he belongs. The conversation ends when Eve finally has enough and tries to walk away. One of his body guards makes the unfortunate decision to try to stop her. She does walk away though – after breaking his nose…The is a problem a bit later though when said body guard is found dead and Skinner is touting to all that will listen that Roarke killed the guard for putting his hands on Eve. As if!

Interlude in Death
Three In Death anthology
It really is a good book. Though I do have some issues with a few things. Eve’s entire team is with her at the conference – Peabody, Feeney, Mira, Morris. I love the characters but it’s just a bit too pat. The head of police is a gorgeous female who agrees to let Eve help. Admittedly, they have some issues, but there is just more cohesiveness than I would anticipate. It wasn’t terrible though and definitely not enough to skip the book over. It’s a definite must read – but I say that about this entire series so I’m sure you’re not surprised…One other note – I purchased the three in death anthology instead of buying the other anthologies since I really don’t LOVE the other authors in the anthologies and was EXTREMELY irritated to find that the books were not in order. I was more irritated that I read this one before I read Midnight. So beware you can’t always believe what you get even from a supposed reliable source.Rating: A

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