Apr 272012

Although there have been a few freebies this week most of them are repeats and many have only lasted a few hours or a day. So, here’s what I have for you now… there’s some meager pickings if you don’t go for the unknown authors.

Disclaimer: I try my best to check all links, categories and prices but I have not read these books nor do I control BN.com so, please, check before you buy!

Or… I grabbed this one for 2.99 because I was looking for something a bit different than my usual:


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  3 Responses to “It’s Been Quite a Slow Week!”

  1. I think its been a slow month! There have hardly been any ebooks that downloaded this past month! Very dissappointing.

    • You’re absolutely correct. The only things I’ve really been seeing are a few free books that were free a year or so ago.
      It probably has something to do with the agency pricing lawsuit.

  2. I also downloaded False Pretenses. A good friend recommended it to me. Enjoy your new books.

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