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It’s Time To Get Your Weekend FREE Reads!

Do you remember way back when we’d login on the first day of each month and be bombarded with GREAT NEW FREE eBooks from BIG NAME PUBLISHERS? They’d last an entire week/month and then be gone forever? I liked that better. Now, they mark a book as free for a year and consider themselves done.

But, I guess they achieved what they meant to… get us hooked on eBooks. Huh, another marketing ploy that worked amazingly.

Of course, I STILL have so stinking many books I’ve gotten free and haven’t read that I could read every moment for the rest of my life and not finish them. Aw, well, such is life. (Plus, the eBooks are generally MUCH less expensive than physical, but they SHOULD BE!)

It’s time to get this week’s Free Reads & Great Deals!! Are you Ready?

Just click on the covers to get your Kindle books

  • Each of the covers will take you directly to Amazon – whether it’s free there or not.
  • Unless noted the books were Free at the time of posting.
  • If I’ve found the book Free elsewhere, I’ll give links for all of the free sites below the cover — If it’s not free at Amazon, the cover will still take you to Amazon BUT the icon will not be below the book.

Great Deals:

My Review






Free Reads

Disclaimer: I try my best to check all links, categories and prices but I have not read these books nor do I control the bookstores so, please, check before you buy!

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