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Review: Julia’s Chocolates

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Julia is running. She has spent her life running – or hiding. From her fiancé, from her boyfriends, from her ‘step-fathers’, from her mother. Now though, she’s returning to the only person who has ever truly loved her – Aunt Lydia. She’s finally running to something instead of away from it.

Lydia has never forgiven herself for allowing Julia to stay with her sister. No she wasn’t given a choice – as soon as her sister realized that Julia meant something to Lydia she dangled her like a carrot. Nothing Lydia said, did, or proved ever got social services to understand how bad things truly were for Julia- Lydia doesn’t think she even wants to know how bad it had gotten.

When Julia shows up on her doorstep mere days after she was supposed to have been married Lydia knows she needs to heal – as do the other ladies of the Psychic Nights. The minister’s wife, the abused mother, and the psychic all need to heal and together they realize that they can overcome obstacles. Not always the easiest way and not always in the quietest way – but always together.

I’m not sure what I did more while reading this book – laugh or cry. It’s enlightening, humiliating, and completely enthralling!

It was amazing to me after suffering from the ‘Dread Disease’ myself that I could laugh when Julia contracts it and hides it from everyone – as did I. (Don’t worry it’s just panic attacks!) I reread and reread the description of Lydia’s sprawling farm with the toilet planters and concrete pigs – mostly because the tears in my eyes kept messing with the words! And I was as heart-broken as Julia as she recounted her life. The abuse she took at the hands of the men who walked through her life and at the hands of her mother who never really cared.

This book is a must read – and reread. I’ve read it three times already and when I get back to it I always find something I missed before – whether it’s the comfort of friends who understand, being with people who actually like the real you, or just remembering that just because the right man hasn’t come along doesn’t mean that you should just take what’s there.

Grab the book and a box of Kleenex – but be prepared not to put it down!!

Rating: A
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