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Karma Bites,

Middle School bites. That’s what bites. Who ever thought that up anyway? Three of the most disastrous years of our lives. It’s the beginning of the cliques your mother warned you about.

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You must  be in the ‘right’ group of friends or your life will be miserable. But what do you do when your two best friends are in different groups? And not just any two groups – but one is the cheerleader captain and the other is the band leader.

For Franny this is especially difficult. She loves her friends immensely and refuses to give up either but neither will give any for her. Well, maybe they would if she asked.

However, it seems as if the fates are calling to her when Franny finds that her Granny has a box in her closet that hands out magic recipes to fix things. Granny’s stipulation? You can’t use if selfishly – and without having exhausted other methods first. Don’t worry, Franny will just fix a few things she sees as misguided…

WOW! This book was terrific! It made me laugh hysterically several times. It also put me right back in that terrible ‘oh, no, I have to go to school today’ mood. It was terrific!

It has a smattering of boys thrown in but generally this is about Franny’s life and the lives of her two best friends. How they change by one simple ‘wish’ came as a  shock to Franny and reminds each of us once again to ‘be careful what you wish for.’

This is a terrific book to use as a ‘life-lesson’ discussion with your middle school daughter! Good luck & Enjoy!

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Buy

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