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Kelly’s Chance

Kelly is not getting married!

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It makes no sense at all to her why her sister Sara would run off and marry one of those men when they act as they do! They are constantly fighting – and for no good reason. They spend all of the money and don’t share it – though they don’t mind sharing the work. They yell and scream when things don’t go their way – even when it’s their fault. Sure, most of these observations came from living with her parents but, she’s not seen any other men behaving differently.

Mike Cooper on the other hand, begs God daily for a wife. He’s been left alone to run the General Store and really just wants someone to share his life with. Can he convince Kelly that all men aren’t like her father – or will he have to settle for the preacher’s daughter?

My Thoughts

YEAH!! A book by Ms. Brunstetter that has nothing to do with the Amish! I’m sorry, but, quite frankly, I’m sick of the Amish books. I’m bombarded by them here and it gets to be a bit much when that’s the only books that get read at my M-I-L’s. UGH!

Enough of my rant! I really enjoyed this book. It was set in the Lehigh Canal and I learned much about a life I didn’t even think about before. It is shocking to me how they lived and the work that people endured. (That some still endure.)

I really liked the characters – well, the ones we were supposed to like – and felt that their story was very sweet and romantic. To me this is a terrific romance for a younger reader. One who hopes to get married and is waiting for God to show her the path she should take – or the patience she should be utilizing!

Rating: B+
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2 thoughts on “Kelly’s Chance

  1. I feel ya. I usually steer clear of Amish books but this winter I got in to some. Great review 🙂

  2. Wanda E. Brunstetter has impressed me with her books in the Amish genre. I'm interested in reading this book from her as well.

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