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Killer Nashville Noir: Cold Blooded… “The Keepsake”

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The Keepsake

Twenty-eight years ago Grace Duvall clocked out of work at 3am and minutes later was murdered in the parking lot.

Every year since her husband, Lance has visited the precinct asking for justice. This year the case was reopened and fell in the hands of Officer Georgia Morgan and Homicide Detective Jake Bishop.

This year things are going to be different.

Hott Review:

​Oooohhhh! Loved it! In these few pages Mary Burton has gained a new reader.
I loved how Ms. Burton was able to give us a full detailed story in just these couple pages. It left me longing to get to know Georgia and Bishop better.

An Interview With Mary Burton:

I LOVE detective series! What is it about Officer Georgia Morgan homicide Detective Jake Bishop that made you want to bring them into The Keepsake?

I’ve gotten to know both Georgia and Jake as I’ve written my Morgans of Nashville novels, which include COVER YOUR EYES, BE AFRAID and my most recent release I’LL NEVER LET YOU GO. We first met Georgia in COVER YOUR EYES and some of the twists and turns in that book involved her. Readers met Jake in BE AFRAID though he’s a bit of a mystery to readers at this stage. All we know is that he’s from Boston and he’s not happy with his new partner on the homicide team, Rick Morgan.

Georgia and Jake take center stage in March 2016 in VULNERABLE and, when I was offered the chance to write a short story for KILLER NASHVILE NOIR: COLD BLOODED, I had just finished writing their story. The two were so fresh in my mind and such favorites of mine that I couldn’t resist spending more time with them and exploring their story just a bit more.

Over the course of the Morgan Family books, I’ve especially enjoyed Georgia and Jake bantering back and forth. They don’t always get along but I’ve always found the tension between them interesting. Jake is a homicide detective and he believes interviewing skills will solve a crime. Georgia, as a forensic officer, believes it’s the data that earns the convictions in court. In The Keepsake, it takes their combined skills to solve the case.

You’ve written twenty-six published novels and five novellas. Which was your most favorite to write and why?

I’ve enjoyed writing all my novels. Each really has offered its own challenges and rewards. My latest book, I’LL NEVER LET YOU GO, has complicated characters with lots of layers in what appears to be a simple plot. I’d finished the rough draft for it before I really understood all the twists and turns, many of which will surprise readers (as they did me!).

If you didn’t love writing, what would you do?

In my “before writing” years I was in marketing so, I think, that if I wasn’t writing I’d be back in public relations. I enjoy traveling​ and talking to people and, thankfully, my writing career has allowed me to do both. I also love to bake and have gone so far as to earn a Baking Certificate from
University of Richmond’s Culinary School. If not writing I’d probably spend more time being creative in the kitchen.

Wow! Thanks for stopping by and letting us get to know you better! It makes reading your novels so much more personal for me.

Author Bio:

Recurring characters officer Georgia Morgan and homicide Detective Jake Bishop take up the case of murdered Grace Duvall, a twenty-eight-year-old, unsolved, cold case. The aging widower, Lance Duvall, visits the police every year in hopes that some new information leads them to his wife’s killer. This year, the officer and detective get a tip they can’t ignore.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling suspense author Mary Burton’s latest romantic suspense novels include Cover Your Eyes and Be Afraid, which feature the Morgans, a preeminent law enforcement family in Nashville. The third in the series is I’ll Never Let You Go and the fourth Vulnerable. The author of twenty-six published novels and five novellas, Mary is a member of International Thriller Writers, Romance Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime. A Richmond, Virginia native, Mary has made her home there for most of her life.

Websites & Links: Mary Burton’s website Mary Burton’s twitter Mary Burton’s facebook

More About Killer Nashville Noir: Cold Blooded:

Bestselling authors Jeffery Deaver and Anne Perry join rising stars like Dana Chamblee Carpenter and Paul Gail Benson in a collection that proves Music City is a deadly place to be when your song gets called.

Featuring stories by: Donald Bain, Robert Dugoni, Jefferson Bass, Mary Burton, Jonathan Stone, Steven James, Maggie Toussaint, Clay Stafford, Heywood Gould, Jaden Terrell, and more…

Every year, some of the biggest names in the thriller world converge in Tennessee for the Killer Nashville conference, an event where stars of the genre rub elbows with their most devoted fans, where the bestsellers of tomorrow pick up tricks of the trade, and where some of the best writers of today swap dark tales of good deals gone bad, rights made wrong, and murder in all shades…

This collection of new stories features some of the biggest names in suspense, from bestsellers to ferociously talented newcomers. Grouped around the classic theme of murder, KILLER NASHVILLE NOIR: COLD-BLOODED is a first-class collection and a must-have for fans of the genre.

More About Killer Nashville Noir: Cold Blooded:

Editor: Clay Stafford
The Authors: C. Hope Clark, Maggie Toussaint, Dana Chamblee Carpenter, Catriona Mcpherson, Blake Fontenay, DACO, Jeffery Deaver, Jaden Terrell, Paula Gail Benson, Robert Dugoni, Steven James, Jefferson Bass, Jonathan Stone, Jon Jefferson, Donald Bain, Clay Stafford, Eyre Price, Heywood Gould, Anne Perry, Mary Burton, Baron R. Birtcher
Source: Partners In Crime Virtual Book Tours via NetGalley
Publisher & Date: Diversion Publishing, Oct 27, 2015
Genre: Mystery/Thriller Anthology
ISBN: 1626818789 (ISBN13: 9781626818781)
Pages: 300


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