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Kiss Me If You Can (Bachelor Blog #1), Carly Phillips

Lexie has only ever felt loved and accepted at her Grandmother’s. Lexie’s parents are staid boring professionals, while Lexie is a creative free spirit. So when she sees a newscast featuring a local hero receiving a reward in the form of a ring that closely matches her Grandmother’s favorite necklace, Lexie decides to purchase it as a gift. However, getting to the hero in question is another story altogether.

Coop, a beat news reporter, is grabbing lunch when he notices a robbery in progress. Having attended the police academy he has no problem apprehending the would-be thief. He has much more of a problem turning down reward and ensuing news broadcast – due to his impeccable manners. Unfortunately, for Coop that means much more than he originally anticipated. Someone finds that his manners, heroism, and lack of a significant other make him fair game as the Bachelor Blog feature. Will Coop survive the attention?

WOW! This was my first of Carly Phillips books and I was very happy with it. It’s a pleasant HQ read. I can’t always get into these peaceful, classic romances but when I do they are fun. This one even had quite a lot of laughs and a bit of intrigue. It wasn’t what i anticipated when I read the cover – it was quite a lot more.

This was an ARC review but it will be released on July 27 – Grab it today!!
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Rating: A
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