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Love Me if You Dare

When Sara is asked by her good friend Coop to take care of the security for a small auction she’s happy to oblige. Actually, she’s thrilled. Sara has just been told to get herself out of the limelight and lay low due to a case she’d been working on where she is now the star – and only witness.

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Whom else would she ask to get her back than her ex-partner, Rafe? He knows how she thinks and they have always worked well together. If only she knew why he switched shifts. It probably had something to do with his ex-fiancé.

When the job doesn’t go as planned and both Rafe and Sara wind up in the hospital it seems to much to fathom. Sara’s injuries are relatively minor – though they may take to a desk job. Rafe, however, was stabbed. Sara doesn’t leave his side until he’s conscious again.

His parents take that to mean something. So does the bachelor blogger. Well, the newest target is Rafe until he skips town to recover. Then the blogger haunts Sara. Making it easy for the defendant in the case she was working to find her. Now Sara needs protection. What can she do but follow Rafe?

What I loved about this book? How it picked up where the last book left off. No, I take that back. It starts just before the end of the other book but from different perspectives. It was a terrific way to incorporate the past events without making you feel like you’ve done this before. 

This is a quick read and quite a lot of fun. The characters are amusing. Especially, Rafe’s family. Each is well developed without making you feel like it’s too much. The personalities are gathered and compounded and dimensionalized (?I don’t know it just worked?!?) in a way that just feels right. You don’t even realize you know so much until it’s over.

What I didn’t like? Sara irked me a bit. She’s running and a bit selfish but she does readily admit that. I’m not really sure. I enjoyed her in the last book much more. Maybe it was just her fear of commitment. I’m not sure but it did strike a wrong chord with me.

Anyway… grab it today! It’s cute, it’s fun. And if for nothing else – Rafe’s aunt & ‘uncle’ make the book completely worthwhile!!

Rating: B
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  1. I try to read very little that doesn't make me laugh. My life is too stressful to read stressful novel – I use them to relax!

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