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Love You More (Detective D.D. Warren #5), Lisa Gardner – Thanks! @pumpupyourbook

You have one second to make a decision you could spend the rest of your life regretting. Yet there really isn’t a choice.


When Tessa Leoni is faced with the question of whether she loves her husband or her daughter more she chose what most of us would have. Is there really another choice?

Yet now, she’s going to jail and has no hope of finding the daughter that so many are desperately seeking. Will she be able to find her missing daughter before time runs out for both of them – or is it already too late?

My Thoughts

WOW! I just couldn’t put it down. I actually fell asleep reading it and then grabbed it as soon as I staggered out of bed!

I love detective books but the suspense in the D.D. Warren books is completely thrilling. It’s like the author is able to perceive your biggest fear and terrorize you — and you just can’t help but chase after her to see what will come next.

The clues that you’re given throughout the story lead you in a wild goose chase. So many times I was positive what would happen next and was completely astounded. Then from the end you look back at the events and can see the pattern and obviousness of it all.

Astounding!! Awesome!! Grab it!

Rating: A+ Buy or Borrow: Buy!!
Steam: YA – a bit of language but nothing too much for even a 15 year old to handle.
Series: Detective D.D. Warren #5
Publisher: Bantam Publish Date: March 8th 2011
ISBN: 0553807250 Price: $13.68(GR)

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8 thoughts on “Love You More (Detective D.D. Warren #5), Lisa Gardner – Thanks! @pumpupyourbook

  1. I read this book last week and loved it, too! I had read the one before this one, Live to Tell, over the summer and really enjoyed that one, too, so when I got the opportunity to read this one, I jumped on it! Now I really need to go back and read the first three in the series!

  2. Thanks for hosting Lisa today. I'm so glad you enjoyed her latest.

    I didn't have a chance to read Live to Tell when she toured with it last year, so I was determined to not to let this one pass me by.

    Every review of this book during Lisa's tour has been great. I hope your reader get a chance to check it out.


  3. I ordered this book and should be getting it sometime this week, can't wait to read it! I love this series. I may try to hold off to read it during Readathon, but I don't know if I can wait! Great review, I'm even more excited now!

  4. Oh wow. With this kind of book, I wouldn't be able to keep myself from reading the last chapters (cheating). Great review and it sounds exciting.

  5. @Kristin – Yes! I had to get the series though I've not yet had time to read them all.

    @Felicia – she's great. It's so real!

    @Cheryl – Thanks so much for stopping by! They were both awesome books. You need to take the time! It's absolutely worth it!

    @Juju – These are some really good books. I'd read some of her earlier stuff and really enjoyed it but then didn't follow up as I should have. Oh, but I'm catching up now!

    @Kate – I'll stop by. Can't wait to read your review!

    @Alexis – That, actually, is my favorite part of the eReader! I'm too lazy to look for/to the end so I just read & get caught up!

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