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Just a typical case for Eve & Peabody. Owner of a ‘Tools & Toys’ manufacturer is screwed to death by his girlfriend – literally. And with his own drill. It’s an open and shut case though. Lisbeth, the girlfriend, called 911 grabbed a glass of wine and sat of the couch waiting for the police. She wasn’t regretful – he had been cheating on her and she had the photos to prove it. How dare he deny it?

As they’re reporting back to central Eve gets a call from one of her weasels letting her know that he heard the word that something big is going down and the guy who let him know has just been pulled from the river… something’s up.

Just when you think things couldn’t get any better – Peabody’s youngest brother Zeke shows up. He’s all grown up and Peabody just doesn’t realize it yet.

I love that Eve & Roarke always find time to fight – even in the most stressful situations – it reminds me of my house! They love each other and don’t know why or how it works but it’s there. It’s so difficult to pull those feelings together and still deal with what they came from but they always manage to do it. (Hubby keeps trying to remind me it’s just a book – but after 38 books they’re family!!)

The changes in Eve’s dreams and Peabody’s personal relationships give plenty to watch as you move through the book. It was so enjoyable to see so much of Zeke and to get more dimensions on McNab’s personality. However, though they were characters in the book Mavis, Leonardo, Feeney, Mira, Whitney, and Tibble hardly get any chance to show themselves. They seem to just be there for appearance and as extra’s. Eve’s struggles with machinery appears and this time she fights with her AutoChef but there is little reference to coffee, chocolate, or Roarke shoving any food into her.

If I had to made a decision on the first hundred pages – I’d have given the book a D but the rest of the book makes up for the terminally slow beginning. To me the beginning was very boring. If I hadn’t read it before and remembered that I had enjoyed it I’d have stopped reading it – I remembered it being hard the first time, too. It’s just astonishing when an author you love produces something you belive to be inferior work for them!!

Rating: B+
Buy or Borrow: Borrow

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  1. I'm maybe 150 pages in this one right now. I really like it so far. I've laughed out loud at quite a few conversations between Eve & Roarke and Eve & Peabody so far.. .and Zeke is so sweet… and Peabody & MacNab finally had their first kiss? And Feeney saw the end of it? LOL Classic.

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