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Miss Foster’s Folly, Alice Gaines

Miss Foster’s Folly, Alice Gaines

Miss Juliet Foster, at the age of thirty-two, has finally become free. Her father has kicked the bucket, so to speak, and left her all of his money. Luckily for her, she had the foresight to become good friends with his accountant. Now she can travel and, uh-um, ‘sleep her way across Europe’ as she sees fit. Virginity, at her advanced age, is not something to be proud of. 

At her father’s lat party – I mean wake – she meets the man to deflower her. So she propositions him – this being 1886 he chokes and gasps for air. It was not exactly the stuff that dreams are made of.

David, Marquis of Derrington, had never been propositioned quite like that before. It only took a few minutes of thought but he finally agreed to take her prized possession – on their wedding night.

What!?!? That can’t be! A rake who’s honorable? Who knew such things existed. Certainly not Juliet. But she’ll make him agree to her proposition – she’s much more strong willed than he – or is she?

What a wonderful book. It spans continents, speaks many languages, and it’s quite fun to listen to listen (?) to them spar with one another. I loved Harry, that was my favorite character of all. Juliet was quite selfish and a bit self-destructive but after the life she’d lived to that point, I suppose it was to be expected. I completely enjoyed David – even if he was just a bit to perfect and a bit too willing to settle down with just a hint from Harry.

What I didn’t like. Again with the language. For me that’s a real turn off. It was also, just too explicit. I don’t mind the vivid sex scenes – I usually just skip or skim – but that meant I probably missed about a third of the book. With kids in the house who are likely to pick up a book I’m reading to see if they’ll like it – It’s a bit to risky to have around.

If you don’t like R+ ratings skip it – otherwise pick it up, it’s got quite a good story line.

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Rating: B
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4 thoughts on “Miss Foster’s Folly, Alice Gaines

  1. I love the way you have your challenges listed on your side bar! I keep going back to my original posts and adding my books read there, but it is a pain and so I don't do it often enough. I hope you don't mind if I copy your idea and add my lists to my sidebar too. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Beverly! I'm glad you lie. Use my format in any way you like. It's what is easiest for me & I'm always happy to help!

  3. i use goodreads to remember the books i want to read – of, course that means my tbr pile/list is way out of control!!

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