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Missing Mabel (Hometown Mysteries), Nancy Mehl

Hilde’s mother is still reeling.

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She had thought Hilde’s life was settling and then this happened.

Life may have fallen apart a bit when Hilde’s father left but her mother was made of stern stuff. She was a brain surgeon and Hilde would be raised correctly! Oh, Hilde had great prospects. She was in college. When, much to her mother’s chagrin, she dropped out to become a hairstylist. Did that phase her mother? No, way! She found Hilde a fabulous job at an upscale boutique. Yet, Hilde wasn’t satisfied with that either! No, she had to become a hairstylist for mortuaries! Mortuaries!

And you can’t take her out. She died her hair black with hot pink steaks! Oh, and don’t mention lunch at the Beach Club. Hilde has no manners! She shoves the food in her face. She jabbers. Oh, and she prays. IN PUBLIC. Can you fathom?

Now, now! Look at the mess she’s gotten herself into! First, Hilde decides that the body she’s working on isn’t the same one as in the photo of the deceased. Then she winds up with the deceased jewelry in her purse. Oh, and if it couldn’t get worse? She’s accused of stealing and is kicked out only to find her camera’s been stolen.

Maybe Hilde will just let this drop. If only she would let this drop!

My Thoughts

Enjoy my tirade? It was a fun book. No, Hilde’s mother isn’t really part of the book, well, except for that lunch but I could just imagine her horror. I enjoyed this book but didn’t love it. It was cute but not enthralling. I enjoyed the characters but didn’t laugh out loud. It was a fun mystery.

Rating: B
Buy or Borrow: Borrow
Steam: Nada
Series: Hometown Mysteries
Publisher: Barbour Books Publish Date: 8/1/10
ISBN: 1602603987 Price: $3.49(GR)

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