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Mistress by Midnight

There are some things that just are not forgivable.

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Killing your brother is one of them.

It may have been more than a decade but Merryn will not forgive Garrick for shooting her brother in a duel. She’s even done the unthinkable and taken a job as a private investigator in to destroy the Duke that destroyed her family. As a matter of fact, she’s come upon information that may prove that Stephen wasn’t actually killed in a duel. She believes that Garrick killed him intentionality. Stephen did have an affair with Garrick’s wife.

She, however, is not prepared to still have the same feelings she had for him years ago. Merryn refuses to see that things may not be as she remembers. Why she didn’t even get to keep the portrait of Stephen when the creditors left! She needs to find out what really happened that fateful evening.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed this book. It wasn’t wonderful. It wasn’t terrible. It was better than okay. I’ll probably read it again. I’ll absolutely pick up the other books in this series.

Why? Well, that’s a bit harder. I enjoyed the history that was brought into the book. The characters were fun if a bit obvious. I really liked Merryn but I liked her sisters better. There was something compelling but I’m just unable to put my finger on it.

I just don’t know. Have you read it? If so, what did you think?

Rating: B
Buy or Borrow: Borrow
Steam: It was steamy. Not too descriptive but too much for a teen (or grandma).

** Many of the books I review are Advance Review Copies. These books are loaned to me for my review. I am in no way compensated for my time nor am I asked to give anything but my honest review.

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6 thoughts on “Mistress by Midnight

  1. Yeah! Congrats, girl!! You really need to dust that thing off more!! I know I fly through books much more quickly since I've started using it… now, I just need to start using the Kindle…

  2. I shouldn't be surprised that you have both…I did find that reading on the NOOK did make help in reading faster – I flew through the book.

    Have a great day!

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