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Review | Mr Hoopeyloops and His Amazing Glass

Mr Hoopeyloops and His Amazing Glass

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Who is Mr. Hoopeyloops?

A crazy, odd man or an artistic genius? Join Mr. Hoopeyloops as he reveals a special surprise for the townspeople. In this colorful children’s book, children will learn to see life and people a little bit differently. They will understand that just because someone is different, it doesn’t mean he is strange.

Enjoy the surprise!

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Hott Review:

If you’re looking for a wonderful and fun book to share with kiddies, Mr Hoopeyloops and His Amazing Glass is a book you’ll not want to miss.

I really enjoyed reading Mr Hoopeyloops and His Amazing Glass. It’s sweet and fun and has a great lesson reminding us not to judge people who are different than us.

The pictures are cute and engaging. Plus, Mr Hoopeyloops and His Amazing Glass worked with both my Kindle fire and my paperwhite!

I did see a grammar error, a word that wasn’t supposed to be in a sentence, but besides that this was formatted well.


Author: Andi Cann, Fabrice Bertolotto (Ill)
Source: I purchased Mr Hoopeyloops and His Amazing Glass on January 24, 2018 when it was free.
Publisher & Date: July 30th 2017 by MindView Press: Hibou
Genre: Childrens
ISBN: 0999124404 (ISBN13: 9780999124406)
Pages: 44
Grade: B+
Ages: 2-8
Steam: Nada
Setting: Small Town



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