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My Fair Mistress

Hott Synopsis

When Julianna Hawthorne Hears that her brother has mortgaged his home and lands to a moneylender named The Dragon she knows she needs to fix things but she doesn’t have the ten thousand pounds he owes.


Yet, being the dutiful big sister she is Julianna visits this Dragon to see if she can possibly fix his mess.

Rafe Pendragon, better known as Dragon, is astonished when the beauty walks though his door to bargain with him. Rafe had no idea that their were sisters who would do something like this with no recompense for themselves. Yet, he can’t possibly give in – the Dragon is not compassionate. So he agrees to forfeit the debt in return for Julianna becoming his mistress for six months – something no lady would agree to.

However, Rafe misjudged his opponent and is now trapped in his own deal.

Hott Review

STEAMY!!! Oh, my. If steam makes you uncomfortable, please, just table this book. The plot, as good as it is, will not stand without the steam. I’m not a steam fanatic but there is something so romantic and alluring about this plot that I just can’t help but to be drawn into it’s web.

Author: Tracy Anne Warren
Rating: A
Steam: XXX
Series: Mistress Trilogy 1
Publisher: Ballantine Books Publish Date: 10/30/2007
ISBN: 034549539X Price: $1.59(GR)
Others in the series: My Fair Mistress, 1
The Accidental Mistress, 2
His Favorite Mistress, 3

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