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Review: My Lord Jack

Claudia has had a rough couple of months. The French Revolution has destroyed life as she knew it.

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First, her protector was killed. Then her mother made a glorious exit. Claudia has never had use for a father but now she knows she must find him to start her new life. However, that means she must make her way from Paris and the pampered life she’s ever known to the Scottish Highlands.

Shockingly her travel misfortunes bring her in contact with Jack. Jack is no ordinary man. He’s the hangman. He’s doing the job he chose at the tender age of nine while he watched the execution of his mother’s murderer. Jack may be an executioner but he’s one of the kindest people man and beast have ever known. As a matter of fact there are few that do not like Jack – including those being executed. One of those few just happens to be his younger brother.

After protecting Claudia from herself and then his brother, Jack wonders why he just can’t get her out of his mind. Then she is caught trying to steal a horse and he finds himself speaking for Claudia at her trial. Would he have done so if he had known  he’d be shackled to her for the next six months?

I’m very conflicted about ‘My Lord Jack.’ I desperately wanted to read it. The plot is perfect. It intrigued me immediately. Maybe I just expected too much?

What I liked: I loved the story. The twists, the turns, the characters are all as you hope a great story will be. I love the Scottish and French. (If this is your first foray into reading the Scottish I suggest reading the sentence aloud. It’ll usually help you get the vernacular.) It was nice to see so many of the the typical romance novel traits twisted and turned in this book. It made it feel familiar without feeling like you’ve read it before. 

What I didn’t like: I’m not really sure. There was something with the book that just didn’t work for me. Maybe it was because it’s not very romantic. Not that there weren’t elements because there was plenty of romantic scenes. But the book itself wasn’t romantic. Showing that Claudia has come down from a privileged life to a lowly nobody life. And pointing out the differences and the disadvantaged of her new life may have been the greatest factor in the lack of romance for me. I’m not sure.

Have you read ‘My Lord Jack’ by Hope Tarr? It was several years ago with a different cover. What did you think?

Rating: B
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