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Review | No More!

The Complete Guide to Preventing, Ending, and Responding to Sexual Violence.

If you want to learn how to keep yourself and your children forever safe from the lifelong consequences caused by sexual violence, then No More! The Complete Guide to Preventing, Ending, and Responding to Sexual Vio-lence is a book for you. Within its pages lies a wealth of straight-talk about rape, rapists, and pedophiles. Culling over 20 years of experience working with sexual predators, the author goes right to the hard facts and teaches you everything you need to know about preventing sexual violence, stop-ping an attack and responding to a rape outcry. After absorbing this materi-al, not only will you have the ability to spot a potential predator, but you may just discover that someone has been grooming your child for abuse right in front of you.

    While some books offer suggestions and safety “tips,” this all-in-one guide shows you how to prevent attack. You’ll learn:

  • How to prevent rape by a stranger
  • What to do if you are abducted
  • How to prevent domestic partner rape
  • How to safely leave an abusive relationship
  • 15 characteristics of a domestic partner rapist
  • How to prevent acquaintance/date rape
  • Everything about date rape drugs
  • How to prevent rape on campus
  • How to stop a stalker
  • How to use instinct to detect and evade an attacker
  • The ploys pedophiles use
  • How to teach safety to kids
  • How to “read” a child to detect abuse
  • How to respond to a missing child—Quick response guide
  • What a child must do if abducted
  • How to respond to a rape outcry
  • The effects of trauma—a guide to trauma disorders
  • How to help men/boys that experience sexual violence
  • How to use the sex offender registry in your state, and much more

An informative and comprehensive guide that walks the reader step-by-step through the complexities of sexual as-sault, identifying the warning signs and pre-attack behaviors characteristic of those with the potential to rape. 9 powerful chapters cover every aspect of sexual violence down to the smallest of details. The author leaves nothing to chance. The most complete and definitive guide for the prevention of rape and sexual assault on the market today.

Hott Review:

Like so many others I’ve been there and looking back from the viewpoint of No More! I can see how I could have recognized situations before I was in deeper than I should have been.

What I liked: No More! was not an easy book to read. It is so absolutely real that it’s painful to see how easily it is to be in the position of these examples. However, the information and suggestions in this book are essential to each of us.
Each section is clearly outlined and gives us a clear outline of warning signs, prevention tips, and clear examples so that we have not only the knowledge to adequately judge situations and trust our instincts but also how to potentially live through potentially dangerous situations.

What I didn’t like: I really think that the author has done a disservice by not placing enough of a significance on men that are put this the powerless situation, as well. Unfortunately, that’s happening more and more.
There are many behaviors outlined in No More! that are identified as being characteristics of a potential aggressor. My problem is that there are people – many – that exhibit these behaviors but would never commit such heinous acts. I think the more important point that should have been stressed is that it can be ANYONE. We need to stop thinking people are safe – and we need to stop thinking that it’s the fault of the victim!!


Author: C. Edward Brost
Source: Gravity Press
Grade: B+
Steam: There are a lot of REAL examples that will be difficult for some readers to endure. I suggest that you read the book but skip the clearly noted examples.
ISBN: 989-0-9960671-0-2 (pbk) / 978-0-9960671-1-9 (hcp)
Publish Date: February 15, 2015

Author Bio:

C. Edward Brost is an outspoken advocate for the Prevention of domestic and sexual violence. He is the founder of The National Center On Abuse, as well as the Creator and Editor of Rape Prevention Magazine – a quarterly news magazine dedicated to the eradication of child abuse and sexual violence in America.

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